Week commencing 5th June 2017  (World Environment Day)

The inspiration behind the Size of Herefordshire campaign is the hugely successful charity Size of Wales (sizeofwales.org) that was launched by HRH, The Prince of Wales, in 2010.

We are delighted that Size of Wales has very kindly offered to share their educational resources to help Herefordshire schools in preparing for Go Green Day.

Please click on the link below to access the Education section of their website.

The resources are marked according to which age group they are suitable for – Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

Information about GO GREEN DAY:

Take part in Herefordshire’s green fundraising day and help protect an area of rainforest that is the “Size of Herefordshire”

Go Green Day is being held across Herefordshire on Thursday 8th June 2017 and we are asking schools throughout the county to join in and help with this important and ongoing challenge to protect the rainforest (and don’t worry if the 8th June doesn’t work for your school, just pick another day during that week to suit you).  

Tropical rainforests play a crucial role in helping counteract climate change – they currently absorb nearly a fifth of the world’s man-made CO2 emissions every year, and are home to the indigenous Forest Peoples whose livelihoods depend entirely on them being sustained.  

Herefordshire has a major problem with its carbon emissions and this is one way of locally doing your bit for climate change (and having some fun at the same time!).   The Size of Herefordshire will help this process because every hectare of rainforest we keep standing means a lot less CO2 in the atmosphere.

So take positive action by signing up to participate in Go Green Day.  It will provide the perfect opportunity for your school to focus on the big environmental issues that we face, and will also contribute to your Eco-Schools status

For further information about Go Green Day or to sign up to participate please email Susie at sizeofh1@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 23.21.21.png

Here are some fundraising ideas;

  • Wear green all day and donate £1 (go all-out green or even just a touch of green!)
  • Bake green for a cake sale
  • Rainforest awareness assembly followed by coffee morning (& invite parents)
  • Rainforest themed quiz
  • Jumble Sale – donate unwanted toys, clothes, books etc.
  • Fruit challenge – buy and cut up tropical fruit and get the children to taste and guess what it is (mango, papaya, passion fruit, papaya, bananas and coconut).