We plan to raise at least £109,000, which at the rate of 50p a hectare, will be enough to sustain for the foreseeable future no less than 218,000 hectares, the area of the county. (A hectare is roughly the size of a football or rugby pitch.) We’re going to funnel the money we raise to our two charities.

Giving us three years, we hope to get £83,000 for the Forest Peoples’ Programme (FPP)and £34,000 for Cool Earth. FPP can deliver rainforest protection at about 40p a hectare, because much of its work consists in getting legal recognition for the land of the peoples of the rainforest.  Cool  Earth’s innovative approaches work out more expensive, at around £3.45 a hectare. 

The pages for Cool Earth and the Forest Peoples’ Programme describe their work in the Peruvian Rainforest in a lot more detail.