How a Herefordshire hectare could save a rainforest hectare...

We are thinking of new inventive ways to ensure that in the great Amazonian rainforest there will be a protected area the size of our county.   For instance,we are looking into the idea of setting up an online map so that people can `buy' or sponsor ten-hectare squares of Herefordshire for £5 a square.  In this way, parishes could buy their area, knowing that an area of - say - Clifford Parish would mean that in Peru there would be matching area of protected rainforest.   Or someone could `buy' their favourite beauty spot, or farmers could `buy' the areas of their farm.  The possibilities are great.

The idea needs a lot of work to make it workable online, but we are starting doing that.   In the meantime, anyone who donates to the Size of Herefordshire's two projects will of course be protecting chunks of the great rainforest.   One donor this week has protected 400 hectares of rainforest   - that's something to be proud about.

We are also thinking about a date for the official launch of the Sise of Herefordshire and imaginative ways of doing it.

Please watch this space!