Join Our Party and Have a Blast!

The Size of Herefordshire is holding a fund-raising party in the heart of Hereford's cool quarter, the Left Bank (and where could be cooler anywhere on the globe?).   De Koffie Pot has become a very popular place in relatively short time it has been open... all are invited on Saturday 18 March, starting at 7.30.   Dave Provis and his band will be playing, there will be a raffle with some terrific prizes (such as week's holiday in a Pembrokeshire cottage).   Tickets are £10 on the door.  All the funds raised will go via the Size of Herefordshire to the Forest Peoples Programme and especially to support the Wampis in their brave fight for their land.




We are very glad now to have an excellent fund-raiser working for us... Susie de Labilliere., who has many Herefordshire connections.  We count ourselves very lucky to have found her. She can be contacted on


In April, the Size of Herefordshire is sending two supporters to northern Peru to meet the Wampi people and to find out more about their struggle and how we can aid them.  Going are Malcolm Bell, who lives about one metre inside the Herefordshire border as its cuts through Hay-on-Wye, and Dan Haworth-Salter, an expert film-maker who teaches photography at the excellent Hereford College of Art.   Malcolm is a well-known planner with a specialised knowledge of Peru and a very experienced expedition leader.   Dan plans to make a short film which will be used to make our campaign better known  -and  also to help the Wampis themselves.  They need a film which can be posted on the internet to publicise their fight.  Their leaders may even be coming to Europe this year to meet political leaders.   Malcolm we hope will write and speak at meetings about us and them.

Going with them will be Conrad Feather, the Forest Peoples Programme's Peru specialist and the man who knows the Wampi well.  He has been a great support to the Size of Herefordshire.

Initial soundings indicate that there will be an event at this year's Hay Festival about Malcolm and Dan's experiences.   This will be a great opportunity for us... and we are very grateful for the interest of Peter Florence, the Hay Festival Director.

More on this later....