See the film that has taken France by storm.

A positive film about the environment is a blessing; a positive one about climate change a double blessing.   The French film Demain is both of these, a feel-good and constructive film that has been an immense success in France.  Now the Size of Herefordshire is bringing Demain to Herefordshire with a special screening at Ledbury's Market Theatre.   We will also be showing a short film by Dan Haworth-Salter about the Wampis, the forest people of the Peruvian rainforest which the Size of Herefordshire is doing a lot to help in their fight to keep the loggers and miners from their ancestral forests.   Dan will introduce his film, which will be followed by Demain.

The screenings are in Friday February 16th at 8.00.   Come and be cheered up!