Great things come in pairs

Two wonderful things have happened to the Size of Herefordshire in the past few days.

First, the Size of Herefordshire has secured the Holy Grail of all fund-raising organisations: match-funding.   Our inestimable inspirers, the Size of Wales agreed at the beginning of May to match-fund all the future funds that we raise for the Forest Peoples Programme.   This is a great advance for us  - and great generosity by the Size of Wales.  It ought to make fund-raising that vital bit easier... being able to tell a potential donor that any money they donate will doubled is a juicy carrot...and a real help to us.   Our deepest thanks go to the Size of Wales.

 Second, and by no means second, one of our supporters, Will Bugler, ran in the marathon at Nantes, raising for the Size of Herefordshire.  Will first set his target at £1000, but quickly surpassed that and raised it to £1,500. Then he raised it again to £2000, and then £2500.   By the time he went past the finishing post in the very respectable time of three hours 14 minutes (on a very hot day), he had gone well past £2,500.  With Gift Aid, he has secured for the Size of Herefordshire over £3000.    

This is by some way the largest sum ever donated or collected for us.   In land terms, over 6000 hectares of Herefordshire have now been blocked in on our interactive map, protecting at least the equivalent area in the rainforest of north-east Peru.

Many many thanks and congratulations to Will... and many thanks too to all you generous people who supported him.  We are deeply indebted - and a good way further onto to our target.