FABUARY was the headline in the Sun summing up the very warm February we had this year. Well , one doesn’t turn to the Sun for intelligence; it has downplayed climate change for years. I was interested though how many people were evidently disturbed by the extraordinarily warm month, with the highest ever recorded February UK temperature of 21.2C in Kew Gardens. Ian Jack was just one columnist who wrote with insight in the Guardian how such weather events may indicate global warming getting out of human control.

The Size of Herefordshire recognises how public concern has reached a new high on climate change. We will further emphasise the critical role that rainforest plays in global warming, contributing perhaps a quarter of all greenhouse gases annually. Put another way, rainforest destruction gives out more CO2 than all the world’s planes and cars and trucks in a year.

One of the best local campaigns to fight climate change must be The Size of Herefordshire.