+ We are not a charity: we are fund-raisers for two terrific charities who know their business and the Peruvian rainforest.

This means than none of the money we raise for Cool Earth and the FPP will go The Size of Herefordshire. Our group, The Size of Herefordshire, will be run entirely on a voluntary and cost-free basis. Many green and aid charities have their own costs and charges - and then pass on the remainder to front-line charities which do the actual work. Donations collected by The Size of Herefordshire will go entirely to Cool Earth and the FPP.


+ We are just people who happen to live in Herefordshire and are concerned about the great tropical rainforests.

  • We want to do something other than tear our hair out. 
  • We want to act. 
  • So we’ve set up The Size of Herefordshire.


The Size of Herefordshire has a steering group:  


Will Bullough, naturalist and  expert in harvesting sustainably English hardwoods.

Sue Bell, former director of the National Forest.

Ingrid Heatly, experienced environmentalist and senior teacher in geography studies.

Geoff Petty, author and educationalist. 

Jeremy Bugler (Co-ordinator), small-scale Herefordshire farmer and first environment correspondent on a UK national newspaper.