We feel that Herefordshire people will have a natural sympathy with the plight of forest peoples - and will realise the value of the great tropical forests. Herefordshire contains a third of the ancient woodland in the West Midlands, though it makes up only a sixth of the region.

We have a wonderful variety of woodlands and forests, from Queen’s Wood at Dinmore Hill to the great woods that flank the Dore Valley, to name just two.

Herefordshire also has a major problem with its carbon emissions. We as a county emit more carbon dioxide per head than many other counties!  Each Herefordshire person emitted on average 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide on the latest figures available.   Yet Worcestershire people emitted 6.1 tons of CO2 per head, Shropshire folk 7.1 tons per head and the West Midlands as a whole 5.9 tons per head.   There are reasons why Herefordshire has such a high total.   We are a county with a lot of small villages scattered throughout it, so journey times are long.  Much of the industry we have uses a lot of energy, which is then averaged out across a relatively small population.

Nonetheless, the Herefordshire figure is high, which is why Herefordshire Council has a whole section aiming to get our C02 right down so we are carbon neutral. But The Size of Herefordshire will help this process - every hectare of rainforest we keep standing means a lot less CO2 in the atmosphere.