Tropical rainforests play an absolutely vital role in fighting climate change. Currently, they absorb nearly one-fifth of the world’s man-made carbon emissions every year.  We need to reduce our Co2 output urgently - and yet the way the loggers and farmers and prospectors are destroying the tropical rainforest contributes between 15 to 20 per cent of global carbon dioxide annually.    We need to consume less fossil fuel - but that won’t be enough. We also need to stop the destruction of the tropical rainforests.

Tropical rainforests are also amazing eco-systems - and extraordinary habitats for flora and fauna that live in them.    For the native people of the rainforest, they are everything. One single hectare of rainforest can contain over 200 different kinds of trees, some over 60 metres tall, and around 40,000 species of insects!   And The Size of Herefordshire wants to protect 218,000 hectares!

Rainforests are crucial for providing a lot of the world’s oxygen and they are critical for regulating rainfall, storing water and preventing floods and soil erosion.

Rainforests cover only 6 per cent of the world’s surface but they contain two thirds of its species.

They are also home to 350 million indigenous people, now on the deforestation frontline.  These people are the rainforests’  best custodians  - and that’s why The Size of Herefordshire is supporting charities that work with the people of the forest to fight the loggers.


Half of the world’s rainforests have gone in the last 40 years.  We have got keep the second half!