Join Herefordshire’s Battle to Save the Rainforests

Wade in to aid the Wampis of Peru, brave protectors of their rainforest

Send the Loggers and Gold Diggers packing from the lands of the Awujun


Two indigenous peoples in the great Amazon rainforest, the Wampis and their neighbours, the Awajun, are robustly resisting the advances of loggers, palm-oil businessmen, oil and gas explorers, even gold-miners. These two peoples have lived in the forest for many centuries and now need help in their battle.

What can HEREFORDSHIRE do to help?

We can get them the means to resist. For instance, the Wampis inhabit a huge area of rainforest bisected by a mountain range. To bring their people together to plan resistance, they need a large boat. we can raise £5000 to buy the boat.

The next £5000 raised through our interactive map will buy this boat. On the map, you can sponsor an area of Herefordshire and know that you will have helped to protect at least an equivalent area of rainforest.



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